AshASH Comes from Eastern U.S. and Canada. Light cream to light brown.
Black LimbaBLACK LIMBA Comes from West Africa. Pale yellow to light brown with a nice dark streaks.
Black LocustBLACK LOCUST Pale yellow to light brown with a nice dark streaks.
BloodwoodBLOODWOOD Comes from South America. Also called Satine. Rich strawberry red, sometimes with golden yellow stripes. Hard and heavy. Weight: 60 lbs.cu.ft
BocoteBOCOTE Comes from Mexico and South America. Sometimes called Mexican Rose wood. Dark brown to yellow with dark grain patterns. Hard and fairly heavy, great riser wood. Weight: 50-60 lbs.cu.ft
Bolivian RosewoodBOLIVIAN ROSEWOOD Comes from South America. Deep brown light and dark streaks. Very hard and heavy. Weight: 45-55 lbs.cu.ft
BubingaBUBINGA (African Rosewood) Comes from west Africa. Redish brown and sometimes has lines of dark purple. Hard and heavy, makes great riser wood. Weight: 58 lbs.cu.ft
CherryCHERRY Comes from Eastern U.S. and Canada. Reddish brown with a golden luster.
CocoboloCOCOBOLO Comes from Mexico. Dark red, rose to yellow-brown, with some purple or black. Very hard and tough on tools. Weight: 60-80 lbs.cu.ft
HickoryHICKORY Comes from U.S. and Canada. Cream white with streaks of brown or tan. Hard and heavy.
HollyHOLLY Comes from North America. It's a light yellowish cream, fairly hard and light weight.
Honey LocustHONEY LOCUST It's a light honey brown with slightly darker grain. Fairly hard and light weight.
KwilaKWILA Redish brown and has little grain with dark and light speckels.
Curly MapleCURLY MAPLE Comes from the U.S. and Canada. Very hard, heavy, and light colored. Curly grain paterns. Makes great risers. Weight: 45 lbs.cu.ft
Rock Hard MapleMAPLE, ROCK HARD Comes from Northeast U.S. and Canada. Cream white to reddish brown, has set the standard for limb laminations for years! Weight: 45 lbs.cu.ft
MyrtleMYRTLE Comes from Pacific coast of the U.S. Pale brown to yellowish green, often variegated.
OsageOSAGE Comes from all over the Southern U.S. Has many local names such as "bodart," "bodark," "hedge," "hedge apple," "horse apple," "bois de arc", and probably others I've never heard of! Very hard and heavy wood that has been used forever in selfbows. Color varies from bright yellow to deep orange, tends to darken with age. Great riser wood and has it's followings for limb laminations.
PaduakPADUAK Comes from West Africa. Bright orange-red, often with dark stripes. Weight: 40-50 lbs.cu.ft
Purple HeartPURPLE HEART Also called Amaranth. It's purple! Comes from Mexico, Central, and South America. Very hard and heavy, makes great risers. Weight: 60-65 lbs.cu.ft
Red ElmRED ELM Also called Slippery Elm, comes from Canada and the U.S. Reddish brown to dark brown. Very common limb lamination wood for good reasons! Hard and strong but realitivly light weight. Very pretty cut flat grain.
SheduaSHEDUA Comes from West Africa. Golden brown with black grain. Hard and heavy, it makes very nice risers. Weight: 50 lbs.cu.ft
WalnutWALNUT Good ol' black walnut. Common throughout the eastern and southern U.S. Deep dark brown with some black grain patterns.Varies greatly in weight, hardness, and grain. Heavier pieces make beautiful risers but what is commonly overlooked is walnut makes great limb lams. Weight: 40-50 lbs.cu.ft
WengeWENGE Comes from West Africa. Dark brown to black, coarse texture very hard and heavy.
ZebraZEBRA Comes from west Africa. A fairly hard and heavy wood, makes good risers and limb lams. Very light, straw color with very dark stripes through it. Weight: 45-55 lbs.cu.ft